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Investment Portal of Smolensk region
Address: 214008, the city of Smolensk, 1 Lenin square
Tel.: +7 (4812) 29-23-32
Fax: +7 (4812) 29-23-32
Time zone: Москва +0


Department of the Economic Development of Smolensk region
Address: 214014, Smolensk, st. Engels, 23
Tel.: +7 (4812) 20-55-20
Fax: +7 (4812) 20-55-20
Time zone: Москва +0


Representative office of Smolensk region Administration at the Government of Russian Federation
Address: 121248, the city of Moscow, 11 Kutuzovskiy Ave.
Tel.: +7 (495) 221-23-36
Fax: +7 (495) 221-23-34
Time zone: Москва +0


Smolensk Region Development Corporation, LLC
Address: 214014, Smolensk, st. Engels, 23
Tel.: +7 (4812) 77-00-22



In the near future the company JMP Flowers, which is among the top 5 European floral industry companies in terms of sales, a leading flower producer in Poland will begin construction of high-tech greenhouse complex for cultivating flowers - mainly orchids - in the Smolensk region. The project investments will account for about RUB 2 billion.
Headquartered in Germany, Ledvance will invest ca. RUB 300 million in the production line to produce germicidal lamp glass at its plant in Smolensk. The project is to be completed by February 2021, the company’s press service said on Wednesday.
International retailer Leroy Merlin plans to construct a shopping center in Smolensk with an area of more than 13 thousand square meters. About 1.4 billion rubles will be invested in the project, reported the press service of the Regional Administration.
The Smolensk plant LEDVANCE starts mass production of semi-finished uviolet glass for ozone-free sterilizing lamps. The total investment cost of the project is about EUR 3.5 million. 39 new jobs were created with the launch of the new facility.
BAUER TECHNICS a ​​.s. (Czech Republic) intends until the end of 2022 to invest in the construction of meat processing complex in the Smolensk Region more than eight billion rubles, according to the administration of the region.
French company Dehondt Technologies Developpement plans to increase the local content of flax harvesting machines manufactured at Vyazma Machine-Building Plant in the Smolensk region to 50%. This was announced by the governor of the region Alexei Ostrovsky on Tuesday at the first All-Russian Flax Field Day which takes place on Tuesday.

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