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The Committee on Investments of St. Petersburg
Director: Babyuk Irina Anatolievna
Address: 191060, the city of Saint-Petersburg, Smolny, Entrance 6
Tel.: +7 (812) 576-69-88
Fax: +7 (812) 576‑60‑81


Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "The North West Development and Investment Agency"
Director: Umryakova Asiya Rashidovna
Address: 199034, the city of Saint-Petersburg, 3 Promyshlennaya Str., suite 172
Tel.: +7 (812) 622 14 87
Fax: +7 (812) 240 46 03



The retailer’s spokesman said to Kommersant-SPb that Prisma would launch a production line in Saint Petersburg this fall. The production line to manufacture ready meals and convenience foods will be located in rented premises in Svetlanovsky shopping mall, the retailer say, although they mention nothing about its area and the investment. The new capacity is expected to manufacture 20 tons of products per month.
The joint Russian-Norwegian plant for manufacturing equipment for integrated marine fish processing plants is expected to be launched within a month, the press service of the Kronstadt Marine Plant said to TASS.
Vehicle manufacturing holding Sinara Transport Machines (STM, part of the Sinara Group) and Škoda Transportation will establish a joint venture company in Saint Petersburg to produce ecofriendly urban transport. According to the information TASS received on Tuesday from STM press center, the project investments are estimated to reach RUB 1.5-2 billion.
A.P . Nine months after the start of construction, Moller-Maersk A/S, a Danish maritime shipping company, commissioned a multi-temperature manufacturing & warehouse facility in Saint Petersburg, its press release says.
Japan Tobacco Inc. (JTI), Japanese tobacco company, invests over ₽3 billion in the establishment of the international operating center in St. Petersburg. This news is reported in the statement of the company.
Valio, a Finnish company, is considering acquiring a dairy plant near St. Petersburg. It is now in negotiations with Galaktika, where some of the Valio products are already being manufactured for sales in Russia

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