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Non-Commercial Partnership "Agency of Investment Development of the Rostov region"
Address: 344022, the Russian Federation, the city of Rostov-on-Don, 40A Kirovskiy Ave.
Tel.: +7 (863) 200-25-63, 250-10-45
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The capacity of the Rostov Plant of Filtration Equipment, launched on February 9, 2021, will be 500 thousand units of production per year. According to the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region, which accompanies the project, Rostov filters are comparable in quality to foreign analogues and at the same time are 20-40% cheaper. They will be able to replace Chinese products in the Russian market. The volume of investments in the plant's equipment is about 50 million rubles. The plant produces filters for combined harvesters, tractors, trucks and cars, buses, compressors and other equipment. The products of the plant are going to be exported to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.
The second phase of the Mars’ pet feed factory has been launched in the Rostov Region. With RUB 1.1 bn of project investments, the capacity of the factory was doubled. The new line will be used to produce Whiskas, Kitekat, Chappi, Pedigree, etc. The products will be sold in the Center and South of Russia. Experts are positive about the prospects of the factory.
Entrepreneurs of the Rostov region take part in the regular session of the Russian-Chinese youth business incubator. Its organizers are the Russian Union of Youth and the All-China Federation of Youth. The objectives of the project are to expand the partnership between Russia and China, bring Russian projects to the Chinese market, and attract Chinese investments to the Russian economy. In 2020, the project is being implemented in the cloud communication format. The projects of the residents of the business incubator are related to robotics, production of sportswear, equipment and personal protective equipment, digitalization of processes in industrial production and service industry.
Fortum purchased two wind farms in the Rostov Region for RUB 21 bn, the energy company published on its disclosure website.
The Guardian Glass Rostov plant has supplied architectural glazing for the translucent roof of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum, one of the largest science and technology museums in the world. Energy-saving glass is double-coated with silver and several layers of other metals with a total thickness less than a human hair. According to the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region, which localized and accompanies the investment project of the American corporation Guardian in the Don region, the plant currently produces more than 15 types of glass with coating. Sales geography includes regions of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. The Guardian Glass Rostov plant with a production capacity of 900 tons of glass per day is the world's largest enterprise of the American corporation Guardian Industries.
The first 50 MW of the Kazachya Wind Farm were launched in the Rostov region. This is the fourth wind farm of the Wind Energy Development Fund. In the Rostov region, the fund has created the largest wind energy cluster in Russia with capacity of 350 MW. The two phases of the new wind farm will include 24 wind turbines manufactured by Vestas, and the total capacity of the wind farm will eventually reach 100 MW. The degree of localization of wind farm equipment is more than 65%. Kazachya Wind Farm will reach its full operational capacity in 2021.

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