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SEZ Moglino
EN 2018
Open Joint-Stock Company «Special economic zone of industrial and production type «Moglino»
Director: Torbich Olga Vladimirovna
Address: 180001, the Russian Federation, the city of Pskov, 17 Lenina Str.
Tel.: (8112) 66-40-80
Time zone: Москва +0


SBI of PR "Investment Development Agency of the Pskov region"
Director General: Podobed Yuriy Viktorovich
Address: 180000, the city of Pskov, 17 Lenina Str., suite 101
Tel.: +7(800) 250-62-24
Fax: +7 (8112) 62 24 00



Rosseti and Enel, an Italian energy company, have started a project to build digital networks in the Pskov Region, reports the electric grid holding.
Construction of a pharmaceutical enterprise producing drugs for treatment of oncological diseases will start this year, the investments at the first stage will amount to$10 mln, said Shanmugasundram Natarajan, a co-investor of the English KGP Laboratories (UK) Limited.
The investor with Finnish interest Nor-Maali LLC has launched its paint production within the Moglino special economic zone in Pskov Region.
The Italian energy concern Enel and the Rosseti holding are implementing a pilot project on digitalization of the power grid in Russia in the Pskov Region. Francesco Starace, the head of Enel, said to TASS at the SPIEF that he hoped such cooperation with Rosseti would expand.
Idavang Agro has been working in the region for almost 10 years and it created a closed environmentally friendly pig production during these years. Nowadays, 98 thousand stock animals are fattening, but the investor intends to increase capacity. The investment project envisages the construction of a second high-tech unit for reproduction and fattening of full-cycle pigs with a capacity of 10,000 tons of meat per year, said Tatyana Sharygina, director general of Idavang, OOO. The products for sale will be commercial pigs with live weight up to 112 kg. The planned volume of investments is more than 2.5 billion rubles, half of which is borrowed funds.
The Moglino Special Economic Zone completed the construction of industrial paint and varnish production plant The investor with Finnish capital – Nor-Maali, LLC – will put into operation the paint and varnish plant in the Pskov Region. Investments in the project amounted to 400 million rubles. In the North-West Federal District, there are large paint and varnish (P&M) production facilities of foreign players, and against their background, the Nor-Maali’s plant with a production capacity of about 1 thous. tons per year can be considered small. Nevertheless, as soon as in 2018, the new plant will substitute the entire Not-Maali paint imports from the Finland-based enterprise.

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