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Open Joint-Stock Company «Special economic zone of industrial and production type «Moglino»
Address: 180502, Pskov Region, Pskov District, village Moglino, 18 Moglino SEZ PPT
Tel.: +7 (8112) 29-33-33
Time zone: Москва +0


SBI of PR "Investment Development Agency of the Pskov region"
Address: 180000, the city of Pskov, 17 Lenina Str., suite 101
Tel.: +7(800) 250-62-24
Fax: +7 (8112) 62 24 00



Elme Messer Rus LLC, a subsidiary of the Estonian-German Elme Messer Gaas, plans to build in the Pskov Region the Russia’s North-West largest plant for air separation and production of liquefied technical and medical gases: oxygen, nitrogen and argon, with a total capacity of 90,000 tpa.
Industrial Development Fund of the Russian Federation will allocate ₽499 million in the form of low-interest loan to Elme Messer Rus, LLC (100% owned by Estonian Elme Messer Gaas) for the construction of an industrial gas plant in the Moglino Special Economic Zone in the Pskov region. The total project cost is ₽2 billion and the payback period is seven years. Shareholders of the Moglino plant expect to reduce the dependence of Russian enterprises on the import of industrial gases from the EU countries, that now amounts to about 25%. According to analysts, the Moglino plant will cover about 3% of the country needs for industrial gas.
Investors intend to open two production facilities in the Pskov Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Moglino, one of which will produce wooden utensils from birch, and the second - synthetic diamonds. The total investment volume of two projects is estimated at RUB 850 million, the press service of the administration of the Pskov region said on Monday.
A Chinese investor and Xin'an will launch a production line to manufacture dimensional lumber for IKEA in the Pskov region; the project will receive RUB 700 million of investment.
Estonian Universal Industries ou is planning to invest RUB 835 million in manufacturing exhaust systems for cars in Special Economic Zone Moglino in the Pskov Region, as reported by the regional administration press center.
Rosseti and Enel, an Italian energy company, have started a project to build digital networks in the Pskov Region, reports the electric grid holding.

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