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Lipetsk region
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Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone
Address: Lipetsk, Gryazi District , Special Economic Zone Business centre
Tel.: +7 (4742) 51-53-88, 51-52-43



Until 2023, Khorsh Rus, the Russian wing of Horsch, a German manufacturer of agricultural machinery, expects to invest about € 5 mn in production and create 100 new jobs, as reported by the Investments and Innovations Department of the Lipetsk Region.
A new bead wire production line is expected to be launched in the first half of 2022. Total declared investments will exceed RUB 1.7 billion, and the project will create 80 new jobs.
Lipetsk-based plant of Germany’s Viessmann Group, which is among the world’s leaders in the manufacture of heating and cooling systems and industrial installations, will launch a new steam boiler manufacturing business in 2021, the Investment and Innovation Office of the Lipetsk Region reports.
Fondital, Italy, involved in the production of boilers and radiators in the Lipetsk SEZ since 2018, is going to invest RUB 741 million in capacity expansion, press office of the regional administration said.
Lamb-Weston/Meijer to invest more than 13 billion rubles in expansion of its manufacturing capacities in Lipetsk region.
Unionsped LLC will build a timber manufacturing plant in the Yeletsk section of the Lipetsk Economic Zone, the press office of Lipetsk Special Economic Zone reports.

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