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K. Hartwall, LLC was registered early in September in the business center on Chernyakhovsky, 6. The company already has a representative office in Moscow, its products are supplied to retailers in the Russian regions and it occupies, by its own estimation, 80% in its narrow segment of the imported commercial equipment market. Finns are going to look for the site for the plant that will produce trolleys, containers and platforms for stores, in the Leningrad Region. But meanwhile, the company will operate in St. Petersburg. According to Stefan Lind, head of the K. Hartwall Retailer Department, there will be only an office: “We will start with the sales.”
German Niedax plans to invest RUB 600 million in the construction of a cable tray plant in Tosno District, Leningrad Region, as reported by TASS.
Schneider Electric has announced the launch of a new production line at Schneider Electric Elektromonoblok Plant, LLC, its enterprise in the Leningrad Region. This was told by the leadership of Schneider Electric on April 15, at the opening of the four-day Innovation Summit Moscow at Expocentre.
Halewood Wines & Spirits, a major independent producer and distributor of alcohol in the UK, bought a vodka plant in the Leningrad Region from businessman Vadim Mamchur, previously owned by Veda, a bankrupt holding company. Vadim Mamchur closed the plant in Kingisepp last year. The new investor plans to produce up to 500 thousand dal of vodka per year at the plant under the Red Square brand and export it to Europe. Experts believe that the manufacture of this product in Russia will have a positive impact on its sales abroad.
The South Korean company DRB World is interested in building a plant for the production of components for the Hyundai concern in the Leningrad Region.
Philip Morris International (PMI) plans to invest about 6 billion rubles in the expansion of the production capacity of its factory in the Leningrad Region in 2019-2020, according to the magazineof the Russian Investment Forum - 2019, prepared by Roscongress.

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