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Russia starts the production of its first combined five-component vaccine to protect children from five common infections at once: tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, poliomyelitis and H. influenza type b.
Farm Aid Ltd, 49% of which belongs to the National Immunobiological Company and 51% - to the Pharmaceutical Ishvan UAE, will begin to doze out and package the vaccine for prevention of rotavirus infection in 2020. By this time, the Ministry of Healthcare plans to include the vaccine in the national calendar of preventive vaccination. National Immunobiological Company reported the completion of the first phase of the clinical trials for the new vaccine created on the basis of technology transfer by Serum Institute of India. The full cycle, including the production of antigens, is expected to be launched in 2026.
Listrade LLC plans to inaugurate its ice-cream stick production in Kirov Region with a total capacity of 300 tpm.
MSD Animal Health, the American manufacturer of animal vaccines, and Nanolek, the Kirovsky plant (a biopharmaceutical company, the shareholders are Rosnano and Epidbiomed) signed a memorandum of intent for cooperation, the press service of the Kirov Region reported. Companies are exploring the possibility of working together to produce vaccines in the region for the treatment and prevention of diseases in animal breeding.
The pharmaceutical company Avva Rus, a subsidiary of Swiss AVVA Pharmaceuticals, intends to build a plant for the production of pharmaceutical substances in Slobodino industrial park (the Kirov Region). The project is estimated at 100 million rubles. "The company plans to implement a project aimed at import substitution of active pharmaceutical substances based on materials of animal and plant origin. The project involves the development of technology and the organization of the substance production,"- Alexei Egorov, Director General of Avva Rus said to Vademecum. The company expects to invest up to 100 million rubles in the project by investing approximately fifty-fifty of borrowed and own funds, explained the Director General.
At the Eastern Economic Forum, Nanolek, a Russian Biopharmaceutical Company, and the South-Korean SK Chemicals signed an agreement on cooperation in the development, research, and production of vaccines, as reported by the Nanolek’s press service.

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