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State Autonomous Agency of Kaluga Region ("Center of State-Private Partnership in Kaluga region"
Address: 248001, the city of Kaluga,41 Dzerzhinskogo Str., build. 2
Tel.: +7 (84842) 27-99-93
Fax: +7 (84842) 27-99-93
Time zone: Москва +0


State Autonomous Agency of Kaluga Region "Agency of Regional Development of Kaluga region"
Address: 248001, the city of Kaluga,41 Dzerzhinskogo Str., build. 2
Tel.: +7 (4842) 27-99-90, +7 (4842) 27-99-91
Fax: +7 (4842) 27-99-93


Kaluga Region Development Corporation, JSC
Address: 248001, the city of Kaluga, 27 Truda Str.
Tel.: +7 (4842) 58-77-77, +7 (4842) 54-81-44, +7 (4842) 79-04-10
Fax: +7 (4842) 79-04-11



Factory PSMA Rus LLC (a joint venture of Stellantis and Mitsubishi, Kaluga) released the first test prototype of the DV6 engine, the official page of the manufacturing plant in social media reports.
In 2021, the TECHNONICOL Corporation will invest 421 million rubles in the production of stone wool in the Krasnosulinsky district of the Rostov region. Considering this, the company's total investments in the economy of the Rostov region will exceed 4 billion rubles. According to the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region, the TECHNONICOL new investment program will increase the factory automation level and allow to implement artificial intelligence. The company is going to release new products in the nearest future: stone wool substrates for hydroponic greenhouse cultivation. TECHNONICOL estimates that in 2021 the demand for such substrates in Russia can grow by 15% on average, in the south of Russia - by 7.5- 8%. In 2020, TECHNONICOL invested about 42 million rubles in its plant in the Rostov region, which is 13.5% higher than its initial plans.
Kaluga PSMA Rus plant plans to launch the manufacture of 1.6 litre DV6-series diesel engines developed by PSA, France. The launch is planned for mid-2021.
Sanatmetal CIS, a resident of Obninsk industrial site, plans to scale up production significantly and increase production capacity in 2021. The company also plans to provide the clinics of the region with its products.
OOO AstraZeneca Industries, Russian subsidiary of AstraZeneca Plc, a Swedish-British biopharmaceutical company, has launched the production of a drug for the treatment of chronic heart failure and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Vorsino Industrial Park, Kaluga Region, according to the press office of the Kaluga Region Government.
Kaluga Governor Vladislav Shapsha met CEO of Ardasher Kurbanshoh and Harald Purainer, CBDO Kronospan Kaluga, LLC, on October 12 in Kaluga.

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