Japan Tobacco International localized the production of sticks in St. Petersburg

19 November 2021

JTI has launched the production of sticks for Ploom tobacco heating systems at the Petro factory in St. Petersburg. The company expects to enhance the production capacity to 7 bn sticks by 2023. Th results were achieved as part of the company's investment commitments under the agreement between JTI and the Government of St. Petersburg, signed in June 2021 at the economic forum, seeking to modernize the Petro factory and set up stick production for the Ploom tobacco heating system with a total investment of RUB 7 bn. In the future, the products will be supplied to the domestic and foreign markets.

1 900.0 mln
St. Petersburg, Russia, Lipetsk Region, Leningrad Region

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Japan Tobacco International (JTI)


Company's website: https://www.jti.com

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JTI was established in 1999, when Japan Tobacco purchased business of R.J. Reynolds (American corporation) outside the USA. In 2007, JTI acquired Gallaher (British Corporation) and almost doubled in size as a result of that transaction. Today, the company's products are sold in 120 countries, with 26,000 employees working with the company. JTI's principal place of business is in Geneva, Switzerland.