Syngenta Obtained Permission To Build Its Plant In Lipetsk SEZ

15 October 2020

The Elets District Administration, Lipetsk Region, granted the permit to Swiss Syngenta authorizing it to build its CPP plant in Lipetsk SEZ. The project had been earlier reviewed by the National Environment Appraisal Board and had been granted a favorable opinion issued by Glavgosekspertiza of Russia. “The Glavgosekspertiza opinion proves that the design documentation for the CPP project is in accordance with the outcomes of the engineering survey and the project statement and complies as well with technical regulations and other statutory requirements,” the SEZ press service claimed.

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Syngenta AG is a Swiss company, one of the leading manufacturers of crop and seed protection products. The company was established in November 2000 through the merger of the agro-divisions of Novartis AG and AstraZeneca Plc. The company's headquarters is located in Basel (Switzerland). It employs over 27 thousand workers in 90 countries.

It is one of the largest developers and producers of GMO plants.