Minicut Tool Production, a Russian-Korean company of the Titanium Valley special economic zone (SEZ) plans to launch a plant for the production of Minicut cutting tools at the end of the year.

Now the company has completed the construction and proceeded to the equipment installation. Co-investor of the plant is Korean Corporation YG-1 - one of the world leaders in the cutting tools production. According to the press service of the Titanium Valley, it will be the third plant launched in the Titanium Valley in 2018.

03 October 2018
Sverdlovsk Region

Investor profile


South Korea

Company's website: http://www.yg1.co.kr/Eng_html/index.asp

Private company

E-mail: yg-1@yg1.co.kr

Contact: Ho-Keun Song, CEO

YG-1 is one of the five largest manufacturers of cutting tools, which exports products to 74 countries. Currently, YG-1 has 23 enterprises around the world, including those in Japan, China, Germany, France and Canada.