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According to the agreement, the first plant for the production of bioplastics - polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), which is obtained on the basis of a by-product of sugar production from sugar beet, will be built in the Republic of Tatarstan. The initial production capacity of the plant is 10 thousand tons per year, it is planned to expand the capacity to 20 thousand tons. The cost of the project is estimated at about 90 million euros.

24 October 2018
Republic of Tatarstan

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Bio-on S.p.A


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Bio-On S.p.A., an Italian intellectual property company, works in the bioplastics sector, carrying out applied research and development of modern biofermentation technologies in the field of environmentally sustainable and 100% naturally biodegradable materials. In particular, Bio-On develops industrial applications through the creation of product characteristics, components and plastic products. Since February 2015, Bio-OnS.p.A. also works in the field of development of natural and sustainable chemicals of the future.