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A new factory for the production of roll sun protection means has been opened in Slavsk, Kaliningrad Region. The 60 million ruble investment project is a resident of a Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region implemented with the participation of foreign capital of the Swedish MARKISOL holding.

23 August 2018
1.0 mln
Jobs: 80
Kaliningrad Region

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Markisol Group


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T: +46 457 78 150


Contact: Mats Johansson, Director General

The Swedish MARKISOL HOLDING AB produces sun protection roll system since 1960. In 1983, it signed a contract with IKEA for the supply of roller blinds to the stores of the Swedish network. Markisol factories are operating in Poland, Russia, China, Estonia, USA. The largest consumers of the Swedish company's products in Russia are Leroy Merlin, Baucenter, OBI, Praktika (Formula 2) and other retailers.