Pieno Zvaigzdes

Pieno Zvaigzdes is seeking for manufacturing opportunities in Russia. Baltic Course reports with a reference to business publication Verslo zinios that according to the Russian media, the first round of negotiations has been completed, and manufacturing of products under Svalija brand can be launched in October at one of the company’s enterprises Galaxy near St. Petersburg.

27 June 2018
17.2 mln
Moscow Region

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Pieno Zvaigzdes


Company's website: http://pienozvaigzdes.lt

T: 8 5 2461414

Public Company

E-mail: info@pienozvaigzdes.lt

Company Pieno Zvaigzdes was founded in 1998. It is the largest milk processor in the Baltic countries. The company owns four plants: Kaunas Dairy, Panevėžys Milk, Mažeikiai Dairy and Pasvalys Creamery and accepts over 1 thousand tons of raw milk daily.