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The Austrian Mayr-Melnhof Holz invested 850 million rubles in the production of fuel products in the Boksitogorsk District of the Leningrad Region. On Monday, this news was announced by the press services of the regional government.

“The village of Chudtsy in the Boksitogorsk Region hosted a non-waste woodworking production site. MM-Efimovsky, LLC (a company of the Mayr-Melnhof Holz Group) plans to produce this marketable fuel product [pellets] in the amount of 57.6 thousand tons per year. Investments in the setup of a new line amounted to 850 million rubles. With the launch of the new shop, new 327 jobs have been created at the plant,” the statement said.

01 August 2017
14.1 mln
Leningrad region

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Mayr-Melnhof Holz was established in 1850. They own sawmills in Austria, the Czech Republic and Russia. The Group is engaged not only in wood processing, but also has extensive experience in forest restoration.