Tirsan Kardan

During the 86th Izmir International Fair, KamAZ, a Russian truck manufacturer, and the Turkish Tirsan Kardan signed a letter of intent to create a joint production of cardan shafts in Russia, as reported by RIA Novosti.

A KamAZ’ representative confirmed the fact of signing an agreement with the Turkish company but did not disclose any details and the production launch date. According to him, the automaker is now receiving Tirsan Kardan’s products made in Russia.

18 August 2017
Republic of Tatarstan

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Tirsan Kardan


Company's website: http://www.tirsankardan.com.tr

T: + 90 236 233 05 96

A private company

E-mail: sales@tirsankardan.com.tr

Contact: FRANCO PACİNİ, General Director

Tirsan Kardan is a company of TIRYAKILER GROUP based in Izmir, Turkey. Tirsan Kardan has more than 50 years of experience and specializes in the design and manufacture of cardan shafts (parts and assemblies). The Tirsan Kardan’s plant in Manisa produces cardan shafts, cross-pieces, transmission flanges, steering shafts (parts and assemblies), suspension systems, knuckles for the automotive industry. The Company supplies products to virtually all OEM manufacturers in Turkey, including M.A.N., Fiat – Iveco, Mitsubishi, Hyundai. The Company also supplies products to many ОЕМ manufacturers worldwide: Albion Automotive, Arvin Meritor, Ford Motor Co, General Motors, MCV, Volvo Powertrain