Wen Lian Aquaculture

Over 40 billion rubles will be invested in this coastal aquaculture in the next three years.

18 September 2018
The Golden Horn

Russian-Chinese investment Fund for Regional Development (IFRD) signed a cooperation project with the Chinese company Dalian Wenlian Aquaculture, which might invest 5 billion rubles in the production and processing of aquaculture in the Far East, the IFRD reports.

20 August 2018

According to the administration of the territory, China’s Wen Lian Aquaculture intends to create a marine biotechnopark on the island of Popov in the Primorye territory.

13 May 2017
200.0 mln
Primorye Territory

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Wen Lian Aquaculture


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Contact: Qiu Laizhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Wen Lian Aquacultural Co., LTD. from Liaoning Province (Dalian, China) has been engaged for 30 years in the cultivation, processing and sale of mariculture objects for both the domestic market of China and other countries. The annual turnover of the Group exceeds $ 500 million, the annual volume of grown marine aquaculture exceeds 300,000 tons.