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A company of the Rosneft Group – 82nd Shipyard, JSC – and the Finnish Lamor Corporation signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint venture, as reported in the Rosneft’s press-release.

The joint venture has been established to produce oil spill response vehicles and equipment on the site of 82nd Shipyard, JSC in Murmansk.

By 2025, the joint venture plans to reach at least 70% localization level of equipment manufacturing.

08 September 2017

Rosneft and the Finnish Corporation Ab signed an agreement on the basic principles of cooperation development, as reported by the Russian company.

The company will study the prospects for localization of machinery and equipment production for emergency oil spill response in the Arctic region of Russia. It is expected that the production localization level will be at least 70% in 2025. The equipment will be produced at one of the shipbuilding enterprises established with the participation of Rosneft. The parties will consider the possibilities of joint production of specialized boats, equipment for collecting oil products from the water and soil surfaces, oil-spill booms, as well as other machinery and accessories.

31 March 2017

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Lamor operates in 94 countries and holds up to 40% of the global market of such equipment; the Company has an experience of localization of production facilities for manufacture of its products, including in the US, China, and Spain. Besides, the Companies has a 30-year experience in the development and application of technologies in the Arctic region.