Sucden has bought the entire sugar business of the Lipetsk-based Group

24 March 2020

Sucden intends to acquire a majority stake in the sugar business of the Lipetsk GC Trio, the basis of which is the Yelets sugar factory. For the company, it will be the second sugar factory in the Lipetsk Region. The purpose of the transaction will be to increase the capacity of the enterprise and provide the French company with quality sugar for long-term contracts. According to estimates of market participants, Sucden migth take control over one of the best sugar factories in Russia and possible long-term investments in its modernization will exceed 10 billion. But even without the modernization, Sucden can double its capacities in Russia by obtaining control of the factory.

14 February 2019

Otrada Gen (Lipetsk), a producer of pig breeding products, plans to increase production capacity by 50% by 2018, as reported by Agroinvestor Magazine referring to the company’s CEO Patrick Hoffmann.

Otrada Gen was founded in 2005 in the Lipetsk region. It focuses on breeding and selecting pigs of the DanAvl Danish genetics. Areas of activity cover the entire value chain, from growing cereals and producing fodder to wholesale and retail sales of meat products. The founder and CEO of the company is Patrick Hoffmann. Investors are also represented by France’s Sucden, one of the world leaders in sugar trade, and several businessmen, including Emmanuel Quidet, President of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

10 February 2017
Lipetsk, Penza Region, Krasnodar Territory

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Being a leader in the global sugar market, Sucres & Denrées focuses on procurement, logistics, risk management, trading, processing and supply of sugar. The company purchases and ships more than 9 million tons of sugar, as well as supplies more than 2 million tons directly to local markets. The Group has offices in Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Dubai, Europe, the United States, as well as logistics and processing facilities in several places in Africa and Latin America.