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The company has accomplished an investment project for the construction of an automated finished products warehouse as part of phase 8 of the Nokian Tyres plant in Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad Region.

21 May 2021

The Nokian Tyres Company Group has increased the production capacity of their plant in Vsevolozhsk up to 17 billion tyres per year, as reported by Andrey Pantyukhov, the Company’s General Director. In 2017, the Company invested €55 million in the plant, most of which was used to launch the 14th production line to be completed with equipment within 2 months, Pantyukhov said. Since 2005, the Company has invested €924 billion in the plant.

10 October 2017

This year, Nokian Tyres, a Finnish tire manufacturer, will invest EUR 83 million in the expansion of the plant in the Russian Vsevolozhsk, as reported by the Company.

According to the report, in 2017, Nokian Tyres will invest in the extension of production facilities of the Vsevolozhsk plant, and in further improvements in the automation of production process. As a result of these investments, the total annual rated capacity of the Vsevolozhsk plant will increase from the current 15.5 million to 17 million tires.

03 May 2017
RIA News

Next year, Finnish tyre manufacturer’s Nokian Tyres factory in Vsevolzhsk will raise the number of production lines up to 14, increasing capacity by 1.5 mln tyres per year. Russian new car market decline accompanied with the tyre market decline do not come in conflict with expansion plans: three fourths of output is to be exported. At the end of 3Q, the number of employees at Vsevolzhsk factory (1326) is just marginally below the number of employees at the Finnish division of the Group (1626). Moreover, the number of employees at the Leningrad Region factory increased by 26 employees compared to last year, while the number of employees at the Finnish facility decreased by 169 employees. The exact figures for investments in Nokian Tyres LLC have not been announced, but it was mentioned that imported equipment will cost a few tens of millions (in €).

08 December 2016

Its capacity will expand by 10% to 17 million tires by 2017

Nokian Tyres is planning to invest approximately EUR 100 million in the development of its tire factory in the Leningrad Region in 2015, and the same amount of investments is scheduled for 2016, TASS and Interfax quoted Andrey Pantyukhov, CEO of Nokian Tyres Russia, as saying. According to President of Nokian Tyres Ari Lehtoranta, it is planned to further promote manufacturing automation, IT infrastructure, and development of new products. In 2016–2017, it is also planned to build a new finished products warehouse and install a new, fourteenth, manufacturing line with an annual capacity of 1.5 million tires, a spokesperson for the company told Vedomosti. The current annual capacity of the factory is 15.5 million units. The factory is operating almost at its design capacity; however, according to Pantyukhov, new facilities will not be necessary prior to 2017.

The Russian factory accounts for up to 80% of passenger-car tires manufactured by Nokian Tyres. The plant became operational in 2005, and some EUR 800 million have already been invested in construction and development.

Pirelli, which manufactures tires in Russia through its joint venture with Rostec, is also planning to increase export supplies to 2–3 million units annually from 500,000 units currently. “However, the domestic market is our priority. Export deliveries account for approximately 25% of our output,” a spokesperson for the company said. The combined annual capacity of the manufacturing facilities is more than 7 million units. Investments by the Italian company are estimated in excess of EUR 400 million. “The modernization and development process at the Pirelli production sites in Russia is ongoing, and we intend to complete our investment projects despite the difficult economic situation,” the spokesperson said.

German Continental, which operates a manufacturing facility in Kaluga, also has plans to expand export supplies: in 2015, it began delivering tires to Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, and France. The annual capacity of the Russian plant is 4 million units (investments have totaled EUR 240 million); however, the factory does not operate it its design capacity, and this year’s output is projected at 2 million units, a representative of the company said.

13 October 2015

Finland-based Nokian Tyres is to invest $1 billion to raise the production capacity of its car tyre plant in Vsevolozhsk to 17 million tyres per year by 2015, RBC Daily reported.

In the first quarter of 2013, the plant, which has been operating since 2005, commissioned a 12th production line and boosted its total capacity to 14 million tyres. In the second half of 2013, the plant is scheduled to put into operation a 13th line and raise the capacity to 15 million tons.

Proximity to Nokian's headquarters in Finland and low production costs, which are 10-20 per cent lower than in Western Europe, were the main factors for building the plant. It currently supplies tyres to 43 countries, not only to Russia, but Finland, the US, Canada and China. 

16 October 2013
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Nokia Tyres manufactures and markets tires for passenger cars and SUVs, commercial vehicles, trucks, and industrial machinery. Nokian Tyres incorporates the Vianor chain of tire centers, which sells Nokian tires in key markets.