Yuri Trutnev announced that Chinese company TBEA and the Far East Development Fund have signed a memorandum on cooperation to consider the opportunities for implementing joint projects. TBEA is among China’s leading manufacturers of electric equipment. According to Alexey Chekunkov, CEO of the Far East Development Fund, this refers to three areas of cooperation: construction of gas supply facilities in Irkutsk Region, advanced gas processing and electrical equipment production in Khabarovsk Territory. The company is considering the possibility of electrical equipment production. Solar and wind energy may become the third area”, said Chekunkov.

15 December 2016
Khabarovsk territory

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Company's website: https://en.tbeaenergy.com/about/index.html

T: 86-991-3673257

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Contact: E Jiun, CEO

TBEA is among the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment and the largest manufacturer of transformers in China. TBEA products are exported to more than 70 countries of the world, including USA, Canada, Japan. TBEA is one of the core suppliers of electrical equipment to the world’s largest Three Gorges Dam. TBEA shares are listed in Shanghai stock exchange.