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According to press office of the Agency for Regional Development, the first-in-Russia Belgian Orac Decor moulding manufacturing plant will be erected in Vorsino industrial park in Kaluga Region.

“The Government of Kaluga Region and Orac n.v. have signed a cooperation agreement to implement an investment project providing for the construction of a production facility to manufacture Orac Decor innovative decorative synthetic mouldings and decorations. Project investments will account for RUB 200 mln”, the press office claims.

15 December 2016
3.4 mln
Kaluga region

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Orac Deco


Company's website: https://www.oracdecor.com

T: +32 (0)59 80 32 52

Private company

E-mail: info@oracdecor.com

Contact: Yves Taillieu, CEO

Belgian company ORAC n.v. has been manufacturing a wide range of interior mouldings, interior and exterior decorative pieces (including columns, pedestals, domes, etc.) under ORAC DÉCOR® brand since 1970. The company uses cutting-edge materials in production: polyurethane Purotouch® and high-density Duropolymer®.