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Investor profile

ROCKWOOL International


Company's website:

T: +45 46560300

Public company

Contact: JENS BIRGERSSON, President and CEO

ROCKWOOL Group includes business units manufacturing heat insulation materials (ROCKWOOL), acoustical suspended ceilings (ROCKFON), artificial soil for vegetables and flowers (Grodan), specialized industrial fiber (Lapinus), decorative facing panels (ROCKPANEL), and anti-vibration panels for applications in rail transport and traffic noise reduction (Rockdelta). The Group’s subsidiary named BuildDesk offers consulting services related to energy efficiency of buildings.

ROCKWOOL in the world

Jens Birgersson is the President of ROCKWOOL Group. The company’s headquarters, key business units, environmental department and research center are located in Hedehusene (Denmark). Vast operational experience allows ROCKWOOL to meet demands of its customers worldwide. The Group focuses largely on the development of know-how. To this end, it conducts annual product tests and studies with independent experts and improves manufacturing processes.

ROCKWOOL history in Russia

ROCKWOOL products are supplied to the USSR from Europe for applications in shipbuilding.

ROCKWOOL opens trade mission in Russia.


  • Production launches at the first ROCKWOOL factory in Russia in the town of Zheleznodorozhny.
  • ROCKWOOL pioneers the release of heat insulation products with easy-to-understand names for specific applications on the Russian market.

ROCKWOOL starts supplying its products to Kazakhstan.

For the first time in Russia, a new façade system ROCKFACADE is supplied together with training and consulting services.

Flat roof heat insulation system ROCKROOF with all the necessary installation components is introduced on the Russian market.


  • ROCKWOOL opens the second factory in Russia in the town of Vyborg, Leningrad Region.
  • A portion of the factory’s output is exported to Finland.
  • ROCKWOOL presents a new product – dual density slabs for roof and façade insulation.
  • Factory in Zheleznodorozhny receives award from the world renowned American insurance company FMGlobal for risk prevention at the enterprise. Also, the factory was recognized as the leader in occupational safety among the businesses of the Eastern Greater Moscow Area.

ROCKWOOL introduces Rockfire – the first rock wool fireproofing system in Russia used for fireproofing of steel structures, concrete floor slabs and air duct systems.


  • The company announces investment in the construction of the world’s largest ROCKWOOL factory in Yelabuga (Tatarstan), within the limits of Alabuga special economic zone.
  • Russia engineers an innovative solution – LiftandRoller, unrivaled equipment for transportation of pallets with heat insulation on the surface of flat roofs.
  • 2008 becomes the highest selling year in the company’s history on the Russian market. Russian unit ranks first in revenue and third in sales among the entire ROCKWOOL Group.

Release of Light Batts heat insulation with Flexi technology: one side of the new product is elastic (flexible), allowing the product to be easily inserted into hollow structures while ensuring close abutment to the walls.


  • ROCKWOOL is the only company in Russia to receive Eco-label – a statement of compliance with the standard EcoMaterial 1.0/2009 confirming environmental compatibility of the material and its safety to people and the environment.
  • ROCKWOOL representative offices in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are united into a single company responsible for sales in the CIS countries.
  • Construction of ROCKWOOL factory begins in Alabuga SEZ.
  • The company receives ISO 9001:20008 Quality Management System certificate.
  • Acquisition of rock wool production facility in Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region.


  • The company takes part in the roof frost combat in St. Petersburg.
  • Opening of GreenBalance energy efficient home near Moscow.
  • Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark Margarethe 2nd visits ROCKWOOL factory in Zheleznodorozhny during her state visit to Russia.


  • Opening of the factory in Alabuga SEZ, Republic of Tatarstan: the new factory’s production line can release 110 thousand tonnes of rock wool per year. The amount of investment into the factory totaled $150 mln.
  • The second energy efficient home NaturalBalance built in Naberezhniye Chelny, Tatarstan.
  • The first ROCKWOOL architecture contest “Home for life in balance with the nature” takes place in conjunction with ARCH Moscow Exhibition.
  • ROCKWOOL releases a new revolutionary product Light Batts SCANDIC: patented technologies allowed the company to launch a rock wool heat insulation solution with 60% compression rate.


  • ROCKWOOL opens an online store.
  • ROCKWOOL LIGHT BATTS SCANDIC receives “Product of the year” title for the second year in a row.
  • ROCKWOOL becomes the first company in Russia to start producing coiling drums that fully comply with European standards.
  • ROCKWOOL invests in the production of new-generation heat insulation LIGHT BATTS SCANDIC in the North-Western region of Russia.


  • ROCKWOOL starts producing new-generation heat insulation LIGHT BATTS SCANDIC in the North-Western region of Russia.
  • ROCKWOOL factory in Troitsk starts producing unique dual-density insulation slabs.
  • ROCKWOOL is listed among Russia’s top 100 companies in environmental safety and environmental management.
Factories in Russia
Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow Region

In 1998, the company purchased one of the five businesses of Mosasbotermosteklo and started manufacturing ROCKWOOL products at the enterprise in 1999. To ensure compliance with international standards, the company upgraded the buildings, process lines, electric furnaces and gas treatment systems and installed new equipment and filters. Zheleznodorozhny factory, just like other ROCKWOOL enterprises all over the world, produces rock-based heat insulation employing unique technologies developed by ROCKWOOL Group.

The factory has around 700 staff.

Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Region

This is the third ROCKWOOL factory in Russia that was officially opened on 11 August 2010. The enterprise was purchased for almost $50 mln. At the time of launch, the factory’s capacity was 30 000 tonnes per year. Production capacity was increased by 50% in 2011. The company plans on further investments in capacity expansion. The factory supplies energy efficient and fireproof heat insulation to customers in the Urals, Siberia and Kazakhstan.

The factory has around 270 staff.

Vyborg, Leningrad Region

ROCKWOOL factory in Vyborg, Leningrad Region, was opened in 2006. It is one of the most advanced manufacturing enterprises of the Group. The factory was built almost from the scratch on site of an uncompleted construction project listed for renovation that was purchased by ROCKWOOL. The factory is a joint venture owned by ROCKWOOL Group and Danish Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe. The investment amount totaled around 60 mln Euro. The factory supplies its products on the Russian market and to Finland.

The factory has around 300 staff.

Alabuga SEZ, Republic of Tatarstan

ROCKWOOL’s fourth factory in Russia located in Alaguba special economic zone (Yelabuga Area) in the Republic of Tatarstan was opened on 4 April 2012. ROCKWOOL Group invested a total of $150 mln in the development of the first manufacturing line of the factory. This was the largest investment in the company’s history dedicated to the development of a new industrial enterprise. ROCKWOOL decided to place its new manufacturing facility in Alabuga SEZ because of favorable investment conditions in the SEZ and business-oriented philosophy of the government of Tatarstan.

The factory has around 270 staff.