Cemil Ozgur

Jamil Ozgur, Turkish group of companies, will build a brick factory in the Penza region with a capacity of 60 thousand pieces per year, the press service of the regional governor said on Thursday.

14 December 2017

Construction of brick and concrete plants is planned in the territory of the Otvel industrial park near Penza. The regional authorities discussed the details of the project implementation with investors from Turkey.

The first visit of the Director General of the Cemil Özgür company Cahit Özgür to Penza took place in April, 2013. In 2014, the works started on the construction of a brick plant with a capacity of 60 mln per year and a concrete plant with a capacity of 120 cubic meters per hour. The total cost of the projects amounted to $12 mln.

21 October 2016
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
12.0 mln
Penza region

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Cemil Ozgur


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Contact: Cemil ÖZGÜR, Director General

Cemil Özgür Group is a leader in the construction industry in the Republic of Turkey. The company has existed since 1946, it successfully implements projects in design and construction of residential and commercial buildings, roads, hydrotechnical constructions, construction materials production.