BRISK Tabor a.s.

On Wednesday 22 November, the acting deputy president of the government of Samara Region and its industry and technology minister Sergei Bezrukov and BRISK Tбbor, a.s., within the framework of the Russo-Czech Economic Forum, the Agreement of Understanding for implementation of automotive sensor production investment project in Togliatti.

24 November 2017

Production of spark-plugs of the Czech Brisk company was launched in Tolyatti. Today, the products of the company are exported to 70 countries. The sales volume of spark-plugs of this brand in Russia is about 25 mln per year which accounts for 20% of the domestic market. The cost of the project is €5 mln.

21 October 2016

According to Mr. Sergei Andreyev, the mayor of Togliatti, Brisk Tabor is planning to open its spark plug plant for EUR 5 m of investments in Togliatti in November.

"The production is scheduled for launching in October. Total investments stand at EUR 5 m and circa 50 jobs will be created", the mayor said.

28 September 2016
7.0 mln
Jobs: 500
Samara Region

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BRISK Tabor a.s.

Czech Republic

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Contact: Ing. Mojmír Čapka, BoD President

BBRISK Tabor a.s. is one of the leading global spark plug producers and a vendor of such plants as VW, Volvo, Skoda, Seat, Husqvarna, AvtoVaz, ZMZ, UMZ, ZAZ,..). Currently, it delivers its products to more than 150 countries globally.