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MOJE Keramik-Implantate, the resident of the special economic zone (SEZ) Tomsk, plans to launch the production of prosthetic implant parts for major joints, including knee and hip joints. The press office of the Administration of the Tomsk Region has reported this information today.

“New equipment and technology will allow us manufacturing not only implants for minor joints, but also elements of prosthetic implants for major joints: knee, shoulder, ankle and hip joints. The company has expertise in creating implants for a specific patient based on the data of computer tomography and reverse engineering,” Director General Anatoly Karlov is quoted in the statement.

27 January 2017

MOJE Keramik-Implantate launches comprehensive production of its implants in Tomsk, NIA Tomsk has been told in Tomsk Region Administration PR Service.

Tomsk Special Economic Zone is to get comprehensive production of ceramic hand and feet implants. Upon completing the outfitting stage, MOJE Keramik-Implantate goes to a totally new level shifting from minor to major business, Mr. Aleksey Pushkarenko, Head of Tomsk Region Administration Department for Science and Innovation Policy, said.

16 August 2016
Tomsk region

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MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH&Co


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MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH&Co.KG develops and produces all kinds of prosthetic implants for small joints (finger, toe and wrist implants) as well as dental implants and intervertebral discs of zirconium oxide ceramics.