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Mefro wheels of Zainsk (Tatarstan) has delivered an experimental batch of steel automotive wheels to Volvo truck plant in the Kaluga Region. Tatarstani manufacturers stand ready to start commercial product deliveries to Volvo up to 2.5 thousand wheels per month, Mr. Vladimir Afonin, wheel production head at Mefro Wheels Russia Zainsk, told TASS on Monday.

Mefro wheels Zainsk Plant is already cooperating with foreign carmakers in Russia. "Since April, we have been delivering 600 wheels per month to Isuzu Ulyanovsk Plant, fully covering their demand for wheels that they used to bring from Japan," Mr. Afonin explained.

22 August 2016
Tatarstan region

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Mefro Wheels GmbH is a 100% private equity company managed by the Fischbachers family. Mefro Wheels GmbH offers a wide range of automotive wheels for passenger and cargo cars, trailers, snow removers, lifts, airport baggage carts, construction and agricultural machinery and buses. The company’s products include steel automotive wheels with rims 3 to 28 wide and 12 to 38 in diameter. Mefro Wheels GmbH is a supplier of wheels under Мefro, Kronprinz and SUDRAD brands to automotive producers all around the world. The production capacity of the company's eleven plants in Germany, France, Turkey, Argentina, Russia, China and the USA is over 25 million automotive wheels for passenger cars and 5 million automotive wheels for trucks per annum.