Dongfang Electric Corporation

The Investment Promotion Agency of the Rostov Region has offered a Chinese company Dongfang Electric to launch production of components for wind turbines in the region, the Press Service of the Agency reported.


In the Don Region, with the participation of the Chinese company, turbine blades, turrets, some nacelle components for wind turbines, etc. may be manufactured.


30 March 2018

Ulyanovsk Region Government has agreed with Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd (DEW, China) to cooperate in establishing wind generator blade production in the Region. Rosnano PR service has announced it today.

The production is to be arranged within the framework of implementation of a wind farm construction project. Its first stage will have 35 MW capacity to be increased to 350 MW in the future.

19 August 2016
15.4 mln
Ulyanovsk Region

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Dongfang Electric Corporation


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Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) is one of 53 state-owned majors that are critical for Chinese economy and national security. DEC is headquartered in Chengdu.

It took DEC 50 years to become a leading state-owned enterprise representative of the industrial development level of the entire China. Its core businesses include generating equipment production, power plant construction, power plant services, electronic control, environmental and energy saving equipment.

DEC is a 100% owner of 6 subsidiary plants and has special relations with over 100 enterprises. Domestically, DEC ranks the third in TPP equipment production and owns two fifth of the HPP equipment production market, as well as has successfully completed hundreds of projects for motor- and railways, power lines and telecommunication systems.

Internationally, DEC focuses on promotion of power equipment systems, power transmission and distribution systems, construction of motor- and railways, telecommunication systems and development of oil and gas industry.