Advantech Co., Ltd.

The negotiations on the joint production of medical equipment using the production facilities of BioVitrum (1.5 thosand sq.m. in the Harbor) have been conducted since the end of the previous year, BioVitrum LLC says.  

Advantec representative Dmitry Bazyukin confirmed that the talks on the joint production of medical equipment were conducted with BioVitrum.

The production capacity will be 150 tablets per month. The software will be Russian

27 June 2016
Saint Petersburg

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Advantech Co., Ltd.


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Advantech was founded in 1983. Currently it is an undisputable leader among the companies producing embedded systems and automation solutions. Advantech presents a brad range of parts and software and also performs complex system integration, customized system development and logistic support. The company offers solution for a broad range of economy sectors. Advantech produces computers, data collection and transfer devices. In 2014, its revenue was $35.7 bln.