Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

The Yakutian Kangalassy TPD may have a new resident which will be a pharmaceutical company. As the correspondent of the REGNUM Agency was told in the press office of the government of the republic, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group was willing to startd pharmaceutical production in the territory of the industrial park. The potential resident of Kangalassy intends to process the wild growing medicinal herbs of Yakutia and produce antibiotics and vital drugs. The pharmaceutical company intends to export its products to the People’s Republic of China.

14 July 2016

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Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd


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State-owned company

Contact: Jun Zhang Li, Director General

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd is the second largest Chinese corporation in terms of the market share producing drugs. The company performs research and development, production and sales of antibiotics, traditional Chinese preparations and other medications.