A letter of intent proving the parties’ mutual interest in the potential economic and technical cooperation was signed by Andrey Kulichkov, Director General of Smolensk Regional Investment Development Corporation, and Joao Rosa, Director General of IGUARIVARIUS (Portugal).

03 August 2016
Smolensk Region

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Company's website: http://www.iguarivarius.pt/

T: +351 213 018 412

Private company

E-mail: geral@agrovarius.pt

Contact: Alexandre Cavalleri, Director General

IGUARIVARIUS is a European leader in meat product and mixed fodder processing, using modern technology and know-how. The company implements joint projects in countries, such as Bulgaria, Angola, Venezuela, Algeria, etc. The company conducts the research necessary to set up an intensive-mode pork production, as well as constructs livestock mixed fodder supply and mixing plants.