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A complex for added-value wood processing is expected to be built in the Tobolsk District of the Tyumen Oblast, says the regional department of investment policy and governmental support of entrepreneurship.

The volume of investment in the project is about 65 bln rubles.

Several foreign companies will participate in the project united by the Tyumen Forestry Complex. “There are large resources of wood in the Tyumen region, we are ready to make high quality products of this wood” said Mikael Forslund, president of Elof Hansson Holding AB.

29 July 2016
Tyumen Region

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Elof Hansson Group


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International company Elof Hansson Group was founded in 1897. Its head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company operates around the world in the forestry, industrial sectors and many others. The company’s branches and agents can be found in over 100 countries, the annual volume amounts to about $1 bln.