Storch-Ciret Holding

“The two investors plan to lay the foundations of their factories by the end of May. German (Storch-Ciret Holding, production of plastering and painting tools - TASS’s note) and Finnish (Nor-Maali Oy - TASS’s note) investors, who are planning to create equipment and paint products plants, will enter the sites of the Special Economic Zone” quoted the administration of Sergey Pernikov, Deputy Governor.

21 April 2016
Pskov region

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Storch-Ciret Holding


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T: +49 202 49200

Private company

Contact: Kolneys Janis, Regional Sales Director for the Baltic States, Russia and Belarus

Storch-Ciret Holding specializes in the production of paint and plaster tools in its factories in Europe and Asia, and is ranked third in the world in terms of output. The market share of the holding in some countries is more than 20%. The holding enterprises employ about 1.5 thousand workers, the annual turnover of the company reaches 200 million euros.