Nor-Maali Oy

The investor with Finnish interest Nor-Maali LLC has launched its paint production within the Moglino special economic zone in Pskov Region. According to its production manager Vladimir Pasichniuk, the enterprise is planning to produce at least 1 MM of paint products next year. Within five years, its annual production is to increase to 10 MM liters, according to Interfax.

30 November 2017

The Moglino Special Economic Zone completed the construction of industrial paint and varnish production plant

The investor with Finnish capital – Nor-Maali, LLC – will put into operation the paint and varnish plant in the Pskov Region. Investments in the project amounted to 400 million rubles. In the North-West Federal District, there are large paint and varnish (P&M) production facilities of foreign players, and against their background, the Nor-Maali’s plant with a production capacity of about 1 thous. tons per year can be considered small. Nevertheless, as soon as in 2018, the new plant will substitute the entire Not-Maali paint imports from the Finland-based enterprise.

13 October 2017
Pskov region

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The company manufacturing paint products for industrial use was created in Lahti in 1987. It is owned by the Finnish founding shareholders and, since 1994, by the Norwegian company Jotun A/ S - a minority shareholder. The turnover was approx. 15.2 million euros in 2014. The staff includes approximately 50 employees