CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles

Sinara group and CRRC, China corporation, agreed to establish the joint venture (JV) for localization of high-speed train production in Russia. The relevant document was signedin the result of the negotiations between Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, and Xi Jinping, the Chairman of the PRC.

04 July 2017

According to RZD’s subsidiary - High-Speed Rail Lines JSC, China’s CRRC and Sinara Group, with the participation of representatives of Russian Railways (RZD) and Chinese Railways, signed a program for the phased localization of the production of high-speed rolling stock on the territory of the Russian Federation.

17 March 2017

Russian Railways, China Railway, Sinara Group and Chinese CRRC signed an agreement on establishment of a joint venture for production of high-speed rolling stock moving at over 300 km/h, the press office of the group informs.

The agreement provides for the consolidation of the companies’ efforts to ensure purchase orders for at least 100 high-speed trains.

In the new JV, the Sinara Group will arrange the production and CRRC will be responsible for the issues of design, standard compliance control in the production of the rolling stock, provision of licenses for the use of technologies and technical support.

26 June 2016

Sinara may create a joint venture (JV) with Chinese company CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles for the construction of rolling stock for the Moscow – Kazan high-speed network (HSN). According to the representative of the Chinese company, each partner will receive 50% JVs.

11 May 2016

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