Lanxess AG

Germany-based Lanxess, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, has opened a new plant in Lipetsk, Russia.

The plant will serve the tyre and automotive industries. The company’s first plant in Russia, a polymer-bound rubber additives plant operated by its Rhein Chemie subsidiary, officially opened on 4 July 2013; a second site in Lipetsk, which will produce bladders for use in tyre production, will open in 2016.

An unspecified “seven-digit figure” investment has been made in the new plant, and Lanxess plans to sell the rubber additives produced in Lipetsk in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Annual capacity is said to be 1,500 tonnes of predispersed, polymer-bound Rhenogran rubber additives. 

05 July 2013
Lipetsk region

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Lanxess AG

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Lanxess AG was spun off from Bayer in 2005, and is now a fully independent manufacturer of specialty chemicals. Lanxess's core business is the development, manufacture and sale of plastics, rubber, specialty chemicals and intermediaries, and there are four business divisions; Performance Polymers, Advanced Intermediaries and Performance Chemicals.