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Constructor Company Group decided to move one of its production facilities from Finland to Russia. Alexei V. Simonov, director general of “CONSTUCTOR RUS” LLC, comments:

Q. Alexei Vladimirovich, what prompted this decision?

A. It was a purely logistical decision. “CONSTRUCTOR RUS” already has its own production facility in Leningrad Oblast, this new project takes the Russian subdivision of the Constructor Company Group to an entirely new level. Constructor already has several plants in Europe, two of them are within 300 kilometers of each other. After a lengthy discussion, the decision has been made to shut down the plant in Finland. It was a fairly large facility with the business volume of more than 50 million euros. Its production capacities will be distributed between the facilities in Germany, Romania, and Russia. The Romanian facility will be oriented toward Southern Europe and Great Britain, the German one is also oriented toward Europe, including Northern Europe, and the Russian facility services Finland, the Baltic countries, and the CIS. The Dutch facility is still operational as well. The idea was, therefore, to cut down expenses and to increase the company’s profits.

17 January 2016
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