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The Russo-German precision metal processing plant ZMS Technology has commissioned its unique automated painting line in Belgorod Region. Total investments into the project stood at RUB 126 MM according to the regional government's press function.

21 November 2017

The Press service of the Belgorod Agro-Belogorye Company Group, reported that the Group is expanding the capacity of the Russian-German plant for precision metal machining: in November, an automated painting line worth 126 mln rubles, unique for the region, will be put into operation.

ZMS-Technology has been launched in January 2017. It produces a wide range of products: from agricultural machines to small architectural forms. The project was implemented by Agro-Belogorye Company Group in collaboration with German Big Dutchman and Schickling.

16 September 2017
Press service Agro-Belogorye Company Group

A Russian-Germany plant for the manufacture of agricultural equipment – ZMS-Technology has been launched today in the village of Razumnoye in the Belgorod Region. The volume of investments in the project was 800 million rubles, according to the press office of the regional government.

“The production capacity of the plant is 4 thous. tons of metal and the manufacture of 1.5 mln items per year. The volume of investments exceeded 800 million rubles. The enterprise is equipped with modern German facilities. The plant has its own design office. This project is modular, which allows us to further increase the volume of products, and to expand its range”, the press office reported.

10 April 2017

Agro-Belogorie Group of Companies has launched the plant for manufacturing agricultural equipment worth RUR 757 mln. This information has been provided by the press office of the holding earlier today.

As TASS earlier reported, Agro-Belogorie is implementing the project together with its German partners BigDutchman and Schickling. The design capacity of the agricultural equipment manufacturing complex is 1.5 mln items per year, the product range will include about 75 SKUs, the launch of the facility will allow creating about 70 new jobs. Agro-Belogorie expects to supply equipment from its own plant to some of the new pig farms to be commissioned next year.

11 January 2017

The joint venture is called ZMS-TECHNOLOGY. The production site is located in the Belgorod Region, not far from Razumnoye Settlement. The day before the Russian and German partners visited the site of the future plant. Agro-Belogorye will implement the project in cooperation with Big Dutchman and Schickling.

The investment cost of the project is about 10 million euros.

26 May 2016

The Agro-Belogorye group of companies will launch construction on its own machine-building plant for the agricultural industry by the end of the year, holding director Vladimir Zotov said.

“The construction of this enterprise, which has been given the name ZMS Technologies, is to begin this year. The plant is expected to start operations in late 2016 or early 2016”, Zotov said.

The project will be implemented jointly with Germany’s Big Dutchman and the company Shikling. The holding is not disclosing the product range and planned production volumes for now. The amount to be invested in the project by its initiators is not known either.

Agro-Belogorye opened a second meat processing plant valued at RUB 2.6 billion in the Belgorod Region’s Yakovlevsky District on 25 November. With the new production facility, the company intends to double its pork processing capacity to 660 half carcasses per hour. Construction on the plant began in summer 2014. The project’s payback period is calculated for 8 years. The launch of the plant resulted in the creation of more than 800 new jobs.

29 November 2015
Belgorod region

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