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Hetero Labs Ltd. pharmaceutical company (India) intends to organize manufacture of medicines for oncology and AIDS in the Tula Region. This news was reported by the press office of the Government of the region on Thursday.

07 July 2017

The modernised Makiz-Pharma production facility for pharmaceutical drugs to treat AIDS and cancer began working on 3 December in the southeast of the capital. The opening ceremony was attended by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

“We actively support such projects to manufacture drugs in Russia. Production capacity at this site has increased by 150%, and these are vital drugs”, Sobyanin noted.

The Makiz-Pharma pharmaceutical plant launched operations in Moscow in 2001. In 2014, the enterprise joined India’s Hetero Drugs pharmaceutical holding and now serves as this company’s core production facility in Russia. The plant increased its capacity by 150% during modernisation in April–November 2015.

02 December 2015

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Hetero Drugs Limited (India) is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures a wide range of drugs.

Hetero Drugs Limited is a major manufacturer of substances and has nine plants in India.