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The hothouse complex for the flower raising will be built in Mordovia in 2016. Investments will be 10 million Euros. As it was reported by the press office of the republic government, the relevant contract was signed today in Netherlands between the Mordovian enterprise ‘Mir tsvetov’ and the Dutch company Dalsem Horticultural Projects B.V.

During the cooperation with the Dutch company Dalsem BV two projects were already implemented in Mordovia on raising flowers in the protected ground – in villages Tenjgushevo and Kadoshkino. Now two hothouse complexes with a total area of 12 hectares were already constructed. The total investment volume in the hothouse rose production was 1.5 billion rubles.

18 rose kinds are raised at the enterprise; about 100 thousand flowers are cut every day and delivered for sale to 35 regions in Russia and Belarus. For all the time 130 million roses have been raised by the company ‘Mir tsvetov’.

29 October 2015
10.6 mln

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Dalsem Horticultural Projects B.V.


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Dalsem is the family company, active at the international market, with 80 years of the work experience at the hothouse industry. The company manufactures and supplies the completed hothouse projects. During recent years Dalsem is actively engaged worldwide in the implementation of projects with the newest hothouse technology. Dalsem not only builds the project, but also offers the management training, the education and the cultivating accompanying to make the project successful and profitable.