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The Japanese JGC Evergreen will begin construction of greenhouses for growing strawberries in the Khabarovsk Territory in 2018. This will be the third stage of the project in the Territory of Priority Development (TPD) in Khabarovsk, as Vyacheslav Shport, the Government of the Territory, told TASS on Tuesday.

05 September 2017

The Japanese JGC Corporation (known in Japan as Nikki), which implements a number of projects in Russia, looks forward to further cooperation with Russia in the field of energy, as TASS was told by the Company’s representatives on the eve of the third Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

“Our company is currently participating in the construction of a liquefied natural gas plant on the Yamal Peninsula; the first stage of the enterprise is planned to be launched within one year. We would like to continue cooperation [with the Russian Federation] in the field of energy, which is our strength,” stated JGC representatives.

31 August 2017

Japanese JGC Corporation intends to invest 150 million rubles in the construction of a rehabilitation center in the Primorye, the region administration informs.

05 June 2017
RIA Novosti

The construction of the second stage of the greenhouse complex of the Japanese JGC has started in Khabarovsk. It is expected that the erection works will be completed by September, as reported today to TASS by Yury Chayka, the First Deputy Chairman of the Khabarovsk Territory Government for Investment Issues and Priority Projects.

05 May 2017

The administration of the territory reports that Japan’s JGC Corporation plans to build a rehabilitation center in the Primorye Territory by the end of the year.

In December 2016, the authorities of the Primorye Territory and the Far East Investment and Export Agency, JGCC Corporation and Hokuto Social Healthcare Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of investment cooperation in the Russian Far East, with the purpose to develop medical services in the Free Port of Vladivostok.

22 March 2017

The press office of the Governor of Sakhalin announced that Sakhalin authorities and representatives of Japan’s JGC Corporation signed a memorandum on cooperation providing for small-scale LNG plant project to be implemented in Sakhalin.

“The document was signed by the Governor of Sakhalin Region Oleg Kozhemyako and Chairman and Representative Director of JGC Corporation Masayuki Sato. This event gave impetus to the development of feasibility study for the facility to be erected. It is expected that the new facility will use the gas from Aniva gas fields. Annual design capacity of the facility is 15 thousand tons”, the statement said.

16 December 2016

Japan’s JGC Evergreen will double the area of the vegetables greenhouse complex in Khabarovsk. The press office of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory claims that the Governor of Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport and Chairman of the Board of Directors of JGC Corporation Masayuki Sato have signed the respective memorandum today in Tokyo.

16 December 2016

Japanese engineering company JGC Corporation is planning to open an outpatient health centre in Free Port of Vladivostok in early 2018; the project will be co-invested by industry expert Hokuto Social Medical Corporation that opened Hokuto health centre in Primorsky Territory 3.5 years ago. The respective statement has been made today by Primorsky Territory administration.

02 December 2016

JGC of Japan will double the area of its greenhouse facility in Khabarovsk growing cucumbers and tomatoes. Today, the Oriental Economic Forum (OEF) in Vladivostok has seen execution of the memorandum of understanding by and between the regional authorities and investors into the agricultural production facility, the PR function of the Khabarovsk Territory government informs.

"We are glad to see that our products have grown popular in Khabarovsk, and have decided to double our production areas. We have found reliable partners in the Khabarovsk Territory and shall be developing our business further", noted the JGC CEO, Mr. Masayuki Sato.

02 September 2016

Today the press relations service of the Sakhalin Regional Government released the information that Japanese JGC Corporation considers building a compressed natural gas (CNG) mini-plant in Sakhalin.

Mr. Masanori Suzuki, a member of the Board of the Company, came to Sakhalin to consider the feasibility of the project on-site.

According to the press relations service, Mr. Masanori Suzuki plans to visit the gas fields in the Aniva District, study the possible plant locations to select the option associated with minimum construction costs and being the most convenient in terms of the product supply logistics.

01 August 2016

 JGC Corporation (also known as Nikki in Japan) intends to expand investment in agricultural projects in the Far East. This was reported by Yoshihiro Sigehisa, Chairman of Group of Companies JGC Corporation.

He added that several years ago they started to put private investments in Russia, namely in Khabarovsk, in the cultivation of vegetables. According to him, everything is going very well. Yoshihiro Sigehisa also noted that they are going to expand the amount of investment.

17 May 2016

The official opening ceremony of a greenhouse complex of the Japan-Russia JGC Evergreen, resident of the Khabarovsk territory of priority development, took place in the Avantgarde Industrial Park on April 25.

The JGC Evergreen complex is connected to all necessary infrastructure including water, power and gas supply.

“In the nearest future we intend to build and start another greenhouse complex with an area of 2.5 hectares and the third one with an area of 5 hectares. The status of TPD resident helps us expand production faster and opens broad opportunities for our business”, sad Tomoyuki Igarashi, Director General of JGC Evergreen. The total investment amount at all the three stages will amount to about 2 bln rubles, also about 150 jobs will be created.

25 April 2016

JGC Corporation, a Japanese investor of a hothouse complex in Khabarovsk priority development area, can become an investor of medical projects in Khabarovsk Territory. Such intentions were announced by Yoshihiro Shigehisa the Chairman Emeritus of JGC Corporation group, at the meeting with Vyacheslav Shport, the Governor of Khabarovsk Territory, which took place in Tokyo.

01 March 2016

The Japanese–Russian joint venture JGC Evergreen, a resident of Khabarovsk Priority Development Area, is finishing construction of the first stage of its protected vegetable farm in Khabarovsk. The amount of investment in the first stage of the project totals 556 million roubles.

20 February 2016

Companies “JGC Evergreen”, Industrial park “Avangard” and the ‘Plant TechnoNicole – Khabarovsk’ received from the Corporation of the Far East development, the management company of the territory of priority development, certificates of residence of the territory of priority development TPD “Khabarovsk’. The total investment volume will be 3.8 billion rubles, the press office of the Khabarovsk Territory government reported.

“Two residents will work at the platform ‘Avangard’, and one at ‘Rakitnoe’ platform. The volume of declared investments is 3.8 bln. rubles», the TASS conversation partner said.

‘JGC Evergreen’/the JV of the Japanese holding JGC and the LLC ‘Energo-Impulse-Plus’ will implement the project on creation of the modern greenhouse complexes/ and the Industrial park ‘Avangard’/ the operator of the homonymous industrial park in Khabarovsk/will invest 500 million roubles each in the ‘Avangard’ platform. ‘Plant TechnoNicole – Khabarovsk’ / production of building materials/ will start to work at the platform ‘Rakitnoe’.

04 November 2015
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Khabarovsk region, Sakhalin region

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