The formal opening of the joint Russian-Italian steel production plant ‘JV Conar-Cimolai’ was held in Chelyabinsk. The modern enterprise with the best world technologies is situated at the territory of ‘Stankomash’, the only certified industrial park in the region. The equipment for steelwork production of any difficulty is put at one platform.

“Due to the “Conar” management, Italian partners “Cimolai” the next development stage of the enterprise, which was here, at the platform with a long history and serious manufacturing roots, has begun,” Yevgeny Redin, First Deputy Chief of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region, said in his opening speech. “It means new workplaces, taxes and the high-technology production for the region”.

The investment volume in “Conar-Cimolai project is about 2 billion rubles. About 500 workplaces is going to be created at the enterprise, while the regional budget gets extra 125 million rubles of tax liabilities per year.

01 October 2015
30.5 mln
Jobs: 500
Chelyabinsk region

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‘Cimolai’ is one of leading companies in the field of steel construction, both in Italy and overseas. The company is specialized in steel construction production for bridges, viaducts, stadiums, residential and non-residential properties, military facilities; girders for industrial purposes for the facilities of oil and gas industry (in the shelf area) and ships; channeled sheets of stainless steel for tankers, cylindrical and polygonal piles for electric power supply lines and television cables; pipes of large diameter and thickness, and also ship girders.