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Heineken has implemented its local content facilities for the production of beer bottling plant in St. Petersburg, expecting to increase the share of premium brands in this segment by at least 10%.

23 March 2021

The Dutch brewing concern Heineken entered the Russian market of energy drinks: it launched production of the Solar Power drink at its enterprise in Saint Petersburg. It is one of the most rapidly growing category of drinks, in 2017 it increased by 17.9%.

17 May 2018

The Heineken brewery in Irkutsk plans to increase the barley acreage in the Irkutsk Region 5.5. times to fully provide their production with the locally produced cereal used to prepare malt.

“I guess that within two years we will provide ourselves with this raw stuff. We are speaking about increasing the barley acreage to 10 thous. ha. In such a case, we will completely cover the needs of our malthouse (in Irkutsk – IF), whose production capacity is designed for 30 thous. tons of malt per year,” as Evgeny Strelets, the Director of Heineken Brewery Baikal branch, said at the press conference of the Interfax Siberia agency in Irkutsk.

30 October 2017

Heineken factory in St. Petersburg might expand production to meet the demands of the Russian regions, as it was reported to the press on Thursday by Oleg Bokov, Director General of United Heineken Brewery LLC.

He didn’t specify the level of production to be increased, but noted that additional engineering capacity will be needed.

11 August 2016

The brewing company Heineken launches the agricultural project in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions, and Bashkiria to supply local barley to its plants in Siberia and Ural. The company’s representative informs Vedomosti about it. Barley will be grown for Heineken: the company plans to sign the agreements with the farmers before sowing time, and buy the seeds on its own. Such model “ensures certain quality and amount of raw material”, the Heineken’s representative says.

The program will be further implemented in Eastern Russia, keeps on the Heineken’s representative. In 2016 3000 ha will be sown, and in 2019 the company fully covers its demand for barley using its own resources and extending the planting area to 25 000 ha. The utmost Heineken plant in the East is situated in Khabarovsk. Now, the company supplies barley for it from the European part of Russia, but, according to its representative, it is going to buy the raw materials in Siberia, and later, maybe, in Primorye. On the European territory of Russia there are three Heineken plants – in Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Nizhny Novgorod – and they are supplied with local raw materials now: it meets the expectations and reduces excessive costs, according to the Heineken’s representative. Hence, a barley growing program in this regions can be extended, he supposes.

10 November 2015
St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod region, Khabarovsk region, Kaliningrad region

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