On October 23, Aquanova Rus, a resident of the Dubna special economic zone and a joint venture between ROSNANO, LLC Kima Limited and AQUANOVA AG, its German co-founder, opened a plant for the innovative production of naturally encapsulated ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. At full production capacity, the new plant will produce goods with an annual value of about EUR 100 million.

According to analysts, the Russian market for food ingredients is worth approximately USD 2.5-3 billion. About 80 percent of the market relies on imports. Russian companies have great potential for growth through import substitution in this sector.

Frank Benham, executive director at Germany’s AQUANOVA AG, said,

“We are very happy to finally move forward from our trade business to something more meaningful, taking the first step on the path to Russia to open a real production facility. “This is a really landmark plant in terms of innovation; and we are happy that we can make such a milestone effort, which will mean a new way forward and the continuation or our progress toward new growth. “Of course, our relations are based on friendship, partnership and trust, and we hope that these are the qualities that will help us develop in the future.”

The total investment in the project is estimated at RUB 800 million. Operating at full capacity, Aquanova Rus will manufacture about EUR 100 million worth of goods, or RUB 8 billion per year. 

10 November 2015
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AQUANOVA AG specializes in the production of a wide range of bioactive goods. Aquanova’s product range includes vitamin complexes, extractions, antioxidants, preservation agents, nutrients and natural dyes under the NovaSOL® brand.