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On December 15, Sergey Morozov, Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, visited Bridgestone's factory, the largest factory in the Zavolzhye Industrial Park, said Sergey Vasin, head of the Region Development Corporation.

17 December 2018

Construction of the first tire plant of Japanese Bridgestone in the CIS has been officially completed near Ulyanovsk. Total investments by Bridgestone jointly with its strategic partner, Mitsubishi Corporation, amount to RUB 12.5 bn. The plant would create 800 jobs.  Ulyanovsk builders have participated in construction of the enormous (total site area is over 80 hectares) enterprise and executed over a half of all work. Following Bridgestone, other Japanese investors may come to the Ulyanovsk Region. Negotiations with some companies for which the tire manufacturer is a magnet are already in progress.

13 September 2016
Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In the second half of 2016, in Ulianovsk Oblast, Bridgestone is inaugurating its first plant in Russia and the CIS. Project investments total 12.5 billion rubles

‘Currently, the manufacturing equipment is being installed and tested. Then we will proceed with the necessary paperwork. Total project investments will total 12.5 billion rubles,’ an Ulianovsk Oblast representative told TASS News Agency. When the plant reaches its full production capacity (by 2019 - ed.), the plant will manufacture 2 million tires a year. With sufficient demand, the production capacity could be doubled and reach 4 million tires a year.

20 January 2016

Japan-based tyre firm Bridgestone has announced it has started work on a new radial car tyre plant in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

The plant is expected to start production in the first half of 2016. The plant will produce car radial tyres such as winter tyres for the Russian market. Production capacity is estimated to reach12,000 units a day by the second half of 2018.

Russia is a large market with a population of 300 million. New vehicle sales in Russia and the former Soviet Union have shown strong growth, and demand for tyres is expected to increase. Bridgestone is building this new plant to meet this demand growth with local production. 

16 April 2014

Japan-based tyre firm Bridgestone has announced it plans to build a new car tyre factory in Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia.

The firm concluded an investment contract with Mitsubishi Corporation, the Ulyanovsk Oblast government and the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation on 12 April 2013. Under the deal, Bridgestone and Mitsubishi will respectively hold 90 and 10 per cent equity ownership in a new tyre manufacturing company, Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing CIS LLC (BMCIS).

Both firms total investment in the project in Russia will amount to around 37.5 billion yen. Production at the plant, which will be located around 560 miles southeast of Moscow in the Zavolzhye Industrial area, is scheduled to begin in the first half of 2016 and will focus on winter tyres for the local market. Plant capacity is projected to reach around 12,000 tyres a day by late 2018. 

15 April 2013
375.0 mln
Ulyanovsk region

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Bridgestone Corporation is the world's largest tyre maker. Bridgestone also makes tyres for heavy equipment (off-road and mining vehicles) and aircraft. Non-tyre products include building materials (roof tiles), sporting goods, industrial rubber products, marine components and switches.