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Russia’s ECOLOS and China’s Litree will build purifying facilities worth over $100m ensuring high quality drink water. Agreements signed today by representatives of the two companies’ senior management also provide for setting up a water treatment system production plant.

“We have two areas of focus, two joint ventures underway in Russia,” ECOLOS General Director Anton Stepanov told TASS Russian News Agency. “One is a facility producing water purification systems based on membrane technologies. So far, neither the technology nor any such plant is available in Russia. In November, we will have our joint venture registered and begin construction work in March. We are planning to have the plant in operation by the end of 2016,” he stated.

According to Stepanov, technology investment in the project is estimated at $15-20m. “The Chinese partner will provide all necessary equipment and technology and finance the construction of the plant,” the head of ECOLOS added. The plant will most likely be located in the Samara region, he specified.

The second area of focus involves the construction of water treatment facilities across Russia in localities with populations ranging 5,000-100,000 people. “We are talking about more than $100m in investments here,” Stepanov explained.

21 October 2015
TASS Russian News Agency
100.0 mln
Samara region

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Founded in 1992, Hainan Litree Purifying Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the development, production and use of ultrafiltration membranes. A specialized high-tech enterprise, the company carries out research in water treatment and is engaged in the development, production, distribution and maintenance of membrane equipment and products and home water purification systems.