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As reported by the press service of the Titanium Valley SEZ, in 2018, the first Minicut plant for the production of cutting tools will be established. The press service noted that Minicut Toolmaking, LLC received the status of a resident at the end of 2016. Investments in the project amounted to 123.5 million rubles. Currently, the SEZ resident has finished walling and roofing of the production facility with an area of about 1 thousand square meters, machines are to be delivered in March. Commissioning and launch of production is scheduled for mid-2018.

07 March 2018

A new resident of the Titanium Valley SEZ in Sverdlovsk Region, Instrumental Production LLC, is to invest RUB 123.5 m into its cutting tools production. The SEZ Press service announced it today.

"The tenth resident of the Titanium Valley SEZ is Instrumental Production LLC, a JV incorporated in Russian and listing Minicut International Inc (Canada – TASS) among its stockholders.. The relevant agreement has been signed by and between the Russian Economic Development Ministry, Titanium Valley SEZ and Instrumental Production LLC. Total investments into the project stand at RUB 123.5 m," according to the Press service.

04 October 2016

Instrument Company (Ekaterinburg) and theCanadianMinicutintend to organise a joint venture to produce cutting tools in the Titanovaya Valley special economic zone (Sverdlovsk Region), according to Director for Strategic Planning of the Instrument Company Alexander Perfiliev.

“It is planned to develop, at the joint venture, the very latest of the Minicutseries of mills by transferring the Canadian technology to our production unit. Themainpurposesoflocalizingourproduction in Russia consist in the possibility for local enterprises to use, within the scope of import substitution, the very latest technologies and to cut the costs of tools”, Alexander Perfiliev announced.

The JV organisers intend to start up the first stage of production in 2017. Preliminary estimates put capital costs at USD 1.4 m. “Subsequent production expansion envisages capital costs of up to USD 5 m”, Perfiliev added

22 September 2015
1.4 mln
Sverdlovsk Region

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