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The company Inkonstroy is prepared to invest RUV 4 bn in building a metal works. Thecompanymaybeallocatedasiteof 5.6 ha in the Izhorskiye Zavody industrial zone in Kolpino, Irina Babyuk, Investment Council Head, stated after a government meeting.

Theworksmight appear within the scope of creating a water supply and wastewater cluster in the Izhorskiy Zavody industrial zone.

Inkostroy is a representative of the Swiss firm vonRollhydrotec and plans to manufacture iron pipes for water supply and sewerage systems. The project is to be presented at a meeting of the Investment Council, according to Babyuk.

In addition, a land plot may be offered to another company: NPO Chemical Reagent Plant. The company is prepared to invest about RUB 1 bn in a building a plant to produce mineral salts for wastewater treatment.

21 September 2015
63.7 mln
St. Petersburg

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vonRoll hydrotec


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