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Lenovo is planning to use Russian-made CPUs in its products.

China’s Lenovo is in talks with the Russian company T-Platformy about a potential use of CPUs made by the latter’s subsidiary, Baikal Electronics, in its products, Vedomosti reported citing sources at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a statement by Gleb Mishin, Lenovo Director for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

According to the newspaper, Mr. Mishin hopes that Lenovo devices with Russian processors inside will be trusted by state customers, something that would help it fend off competition. Yet Lenovo Director for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe didn’t mention either any details of the negotiations or the timing and size ofpotential deliveries.

Still, Mr. Mishin noted that the Baikal project envisages the development of several processors geared towards different platforms. For instance, the Baikal T processor is intended for telecommunication (mobile) devices. A processor with enough capacity to run office applications is expected soon.

14 September 2015

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Founded in 1984, Lenovo signed a deal with IBM in 2004 to assemble computers in IBM’s production area and sell them under that brand until 2010. Laptops account for around 60% of the company’s output. The company also makes PDAs, desktop computers and peripherals. Lenovo opened its first branded store in Russia in 2010.