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Sahalin region

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China railway 24 Bureau Group Limited


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Contact: Van Cheng Que, Executive Director and General Manager

China railway 24 Bureau Group Limited is a subsidiary of China Railway Construction Company. It was found on 16 March 2004. The Group with headquarters in Shanghai includes 14 subsidiaries (offices) located in provinces Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Shanghai, five provinces and one municipality in East China, as well as representative offices in Beijing and North China, East China, South-West and North-West China. Total assets of the Group amount to 14.215 bln Yuan, and its field of interest includes construction of railways, municipal and public buildings and structures, residential buildings, hydro power installations, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. The holding company has jobs for 12,857 skilled professionals of all levels. The company is listed in China’s rating of Top-100 Construction Companies.